Cesc Fabregas Still Tweeting in Three Languages


Cesc Fabregas has only been at Barcelona for a week, but he’s continued to tweet in English and follow Arsenal as the club’s biggest fan. Throughout his protracted transfer, his remained unwaiveringly professional. It’s remarkable given his position bewteen the two clubs: first, he could have easily criticized Arsenal’s failings, and second, never uttered a negative word against Barcelona, whose behavior throughout the transfer was far from exemplary.

Further, while most players have a kind word for their former club following the official signing with their new club, this official statement is often the last to be uttered and life is completely immersed into the present and future. This is another example of the necessity of the footballers’ compartmentalization of consciousness and memory. Whether it’s a poor result or a transfer, the past is sliced off as if it no longer exists. Fabregas is unique in that he has clearly immersed himself into Barcelona, while continuing to identify with Arsenal. It is equally interesting that no one is criticizing him for it, or telling him to stop.


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