Arsenal Now Officially Etiolated: Bolton 2—Arsenal 1

Arsenal’s first loss since mid-December means little on the death bed.

Arsenal lacked the vigor to stay in the title race.

Arsenal’s critics over the last few seasons have been kept at distance by the legitimate counter-arguments of youth, finances, and a fidelity to a noble philosophy in the hostile environment of runaway Capitalism that has engulfed the game. But the chorus of criticism has gained the upperhand. The counter-arguments are wearing thin and those reluctant to criticize Arséne Wenger have been left no choice but to join the ranks calling for change.

The shift of position may not be a change of heart, a wholehearted defection, or declaration that the Wenger project is dead, but a call to the end of the project’s purity, an invitation to some kind of compromise with engrained principles and practice. Call it an adulteration one can live with now that the outcome of a rarified worldview threatens to diminish or damage the club far more than the supposed tarnish of necessary change.

Even gentle Totoro has confirmed doubts…


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