Manchester united Fans’ Insight on the Green and Gold Campaign

Three members of the Talking Red Message Boards and Forum discuss the weakening of the Green and Gold campaign.

There is much more red than green or gold these days.

The Green and Gold campaign is hostage to the club’s success. If Manchester United continues to win titles and challenge trophies in May, then the case for the ouster of the Glazier ownership—along with anti-Glazer sentiment—will fail to mount a sustained and formidable campaign and eventually wither to a murmur. These fans will be forced to hope for the club’s failure as evidence for their cause, which could never be admitted. The conflict is too much to bear.

The members contributing to this thread appear to be pre-Glazer season ticket holders. This gives them a weekly on-the-ground and broad experience as participant-observers with insight to the Green and Gold campaign. On television, it’s easy to see streaks and patches of green and gold amid the smothering sea of red. So red that the green really speaks. But one member posts that the identification is more superficial than it was just a year ago. With season tickets in the Stretford Upper End, this member has noticed that anti-Glazer songs and chants haven’t been heard in some time. The campaign is reducing to a fashion.

Another member posts that the real campaign takes place outside the stadium. The most fervent anti-Glazer fans no longer go to home games, having given up their season tickets in protest. The unfortunate outcome of these fans’ principled boycott is that an equal number of new fans have replaced them in the stands. According to one member, whose information came from a “a girl I know at the ticket office” up towards 85% of current season ticket holders are post-Glazer. Without institutional memory, the big blotches of fresh red smother all alternative and threatening references.


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