Alex Ferguson on Tackling

Jonny Evans’ tackle on Stuart Holden received a straight red card. Holden was scraped off the pitch, carted away on a stretcher, and will be out six months.


Although Ferguson didn’t know that Stuart Holden would be out for the rest of the season, he did witness the player being carried off the pitch. Yet he is still unwilling to fully concede that Evans’ tackle warranted a red card.

The sending-off was a little unfortunate, he explains, because the foot was not high and the tackle was a fair attempt to get the ball. The referee awarded the red card after seeing that “the boy” (Holden) was badly injured. But Ferguson admittedly makes no complaint, since he acknowledges that any tackle with studs up, regardless of intent and outcome, is likely to receive a red card.

Also of note in the post-match interview was his explanation for bringing Dimitar Berbatov on to replace Javier Hernandez once the team was reduced to ten men.

Without Evans, the team was at a height disadvantage against an aerially strong Bolton. Berbatov was not brought on for his scoring potential, but to rebalance the height ratio without having to go to an overly defensive 10-man formation.


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