No Everton Fan Owns or Wears Sunglasses

The first leg of the FA Cup 4th round between Everton and Chelsea. Kickoff 12:30 p.m. often means it will be very very bright and sunny.

How come they don’t wear sunglasses?

The English who live in Los Angeles understandably arrived with a strong relationship to sunshine, warmth, and brightness, which may account for a preference for settling in Venice Beach (hence Venice United, a local football team comprised almost exclusively of English thirty-somethings). Upon relocation, they may not have been aware that the coastal cities of Los Angeles have far fewer sunny days than inland cities due to morning fog that takes hours to dissipate or—too frequently for a supposed utopia—refuses to burn off. Days can be windy, gray, and cold. Perhaps the Los Angeles coastline offers a little taste of home.

The unwitting preference for ambient exposure is contrast by those ex-pats who slowly become raisins or have some of the more conspicuous spray-on tans to be found, inclusive of native Angelinos who look almost racially transformed.

The constant negotiation with the sun makes the Everton fans’ lack of awareness and preparation puzzling. How can they be so collectively unprepared?


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