A Sinking Hodgson Sacked

You must always strive for more and plan ahead, but too often recently I’ve heard Liverpool supporters redefine our greatest nights and victories because they didn’t lead to the League title later on. -Jamie Carragher from Carra, My Autobiography



King Kenny…


Roy Hodgson has been sacked. He was hired to bring immediate stability to the club and then plant it like sod. After six to eight weeks, where no one was allowed to step on it and everyday the big birds were shooed off, the grass would be strong enough for the team to play on and begin the return to the top. The urgency was both long- and short-term and at odds with the much slower pace of Hodgson’s methodical molding and grooming of the team.

Withheld expectations were finally imposed. The terms changed. Stability should have given way to performance and results. Hodgson’s composure, forged in a lapsed era, withstood decades of management, only to collide with new attitudes that no longer held it in high regard.

Hodgson now looked frayed, at times a little demented, which may be correlated to more frequent appearances in untailored tracksuits. The new ownership had proved to be the calm authority, if a little mysterious, and earned sufficient supporter trust to begin imposing itself on matters. It was always about the money. Charisma, experience, and wisdom were supplemental and yet, given almost no money to spend, Hodgson was left with the task of making steady progress up the table. Occasional sputtering didn’t count.

He was the captain brought in to right the ship. He may have sailed around the world, but he fought his battles only in the bays and ports of the cities he lived. In the open sea, the sharks circled. His experience and success no longer amounted to much, which many cited as insufficient reasons to hire him. He wasn’t the guy to lead Liverpool’s restoration.

In steps Kenny Dalglish. Revered for what he had done for the club twenty years ago. Another one with an identity forged in the past, but perhaps the right past—one to squeeze from the passage of time and unrecognizable change a constancy that eluded his predecessor.



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