Roberto Mancini’s Lesson in Deflection

How does one defend the indefensible?

It was silly of Roberto Mancini to think that anyone would believe his line that the team’s infighting was an expression of “creative tensions” unless one was to track down his former girlfriends to ask them if they shared a tortured love with the Italian, if the sometimes hurtful arguments lasting deep into the night led to cooing, spooning, and late brunch the following morning.  

It's never serious, it starts and finishes in two minutes and in the dressing room afterwards everything is finished. Creative tensions. That's why I'm not worried.

The 0-0 draw to Arsenal was an unforgivable display of football. There was no way around it, but Mancini gets a lot of credit for his effort: 

"I prefer boos in the end and to go home with one point rather than with three goals in our net. The home crowd call us boring? It's not important for me. When you play here against Arsenal, it could be that Arsenal play better than you and you might defend. This is football."


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