Arsenal 1—West Bromwich Albion 3

"Overall everything was difficult for us today – passing the ball, winning the ball back, winning the one against ones – and we got what we deserved which was zero points.."-Arséne Wenger


Almunia saves West Brom penalty Manual Almunia saves late first half penalty, which proved the only highlight of an embarrassing performance.


Wenger said the team suffered a 'power cut'. "What is the most frustrating is that there was no electricity there."

"We had lost a generator and then it becomes difficult to play football. I knew after the first five minutes, you saw that it was all flat. It is unusual for us because we are usually a team that has energy. We were just not there. I can't remember the last time [we were like that]. It was mysterious what happened."

The official Arsenal twiiter, which acts as a public comment box and depository of fan sentiment agreed with the manager:

"We were very sloppy defensively…"

"Insipid performance."

"…disappointed that we needed to fight back."

And to jog Wenger's memory:

"The fluidity was missing from our midfield and apart from the loss at Wigan last season I can’t remember the last time we played that bad."


Arsenal were this bad from the opening minute. They were shadows physically and mentally. The dark side was dredged up out of the murky past. 

Almunia's first half penalty save looked to turn around a dismal first half. Unfortunately, the second was unimaginably worse. Arsenal conceded three goals in the second half, committing foolish errors from a sickly display.

The performance goes some way in proving that a loss is not just a loss, but possesses distinct qualities that make it a particular kind of loss. In this case an ignominious and ominous one.



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